Need help with a bankruptcy?

With nearly 40 years of experience, The Law Offices of William M Parker specialize in providing bankruptcy representation to clients in the entire state of Oregon. 

We help individuals and small businesses solve their financial problems through negotiations, settlement discussions, litigation, and bankruptcy.  When circumstances dictate, and it is necessary for you to file for bankruptcy protection, we can guide you through the bankruptcy process.  We represent people and businesses seeking Chapter 7 and 13 protections.

Every day, thousands of individuals and small businesses are forced to file for bankruptcy protection for a number of reasons. Medical bills and a lack of adequate medical insurance are primary causes of bankruptcy. Unemployment, resulting from layoffs, shipping of our jobs overseas, and company downsizing also force many people into bankruptcy.  Foreclosure and the threat of foreclosure, declining home values, and inflexible mortgage companies tip many into bankruptcy protection, just to keep their home.  Divorce and other unforeseen misfortunes are also causes of many bankruptcies.

If you are forced to file for bankruptcy protection, you are not alone.  The number of consumers needing bankruptcy protection from their creditors is increasing at an alarming rate.

Our offices serve the entire state of Oregon.

Here is some useful information to help you understand bankruptcy:

Automatic Stay
Chapter 7 Versus Chapter 13

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